3 Reasons Why The Legal Use Of Self-Defense Course Is Important to You

Think about all of the reasons you haven’t done that thing you should do, like taking the Legal Aspects of Self-Defense (LOSD) Course. We figured that rather than try to rebut all of those reasons, we would just give you 3 great reasons why it’s the right decision, right now, and for the future. 

1. Prevention Is the Best Medicine

It seems readily apparent how the LOSD Course relates to you as a firearms owner. However, we often know we need to do something like exercising, yet we find a multitude of reason to not exercise. Until we are reminded in a way that we cannot ignore, like experiencing chest pain.  When it comes to deadly force confrontations, you typically don’t get second chances.

The legal system is the same way. As a firearms owner, it is of the utmost importance that you intimately understand the laws that govern your ownership and use of your firearm.

2. $150 Is a Small Price When Your Freedom and Your Life Savings Are at Stake

The costs associated with a poor understanding of these concepts can have dire, life-changing consequences, including spending the rest of your life in prison, and ruining you financially.

A run-of-the-mill brandishing charge can cost $10,000 and leave a mark on your record permanently. A self-defense case can cost you upwards of $250,000. And the cost of defending yourself is nothing compared to the value of your freedom.

We know your time is limited and there are many demands on your wallet but, this is a worthy expense.

3. Ignorance Is Not a Legal Defense

Time and again our students tell us that they learned something new, that we dispelled a closely-held belief as being a myth, or that they feel better prepared to make decisions about their use of their firearm in self-defense.

As we discussed in our last blog, “What Is The Legal Use Of Self Defense Course?”, the LOSD Course is designed to give the average firearms owner a real world understanding of the law of self-defense, particularly as it relates to the use of deadly force.

The legal system has zero tolerance for “I didn’t know” as an excuse for the misuse of deadly force.  At bottom, you are expected to know and abide by the law, particularly if you rely on firearms for self-defense. 

Join the ever-growing number of knowledgeable and trained firearms owners.

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