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Expert Support for Firearms Owners

Stephen L. Sulzer PLLC is available to represent clients in criminal and civil cases and administrative proceedings relating to firearms. Steve Sulzer, the principal member of the firm, is an experienced trial lawyer with a long track record of success in high stakes litigation. When appearing in courts around the country, he will team with local criminal or civil attorneys in your jurisdiction who are familiar with the prosecutors, judges, and procedures in your state or county. He also has access to the top firearms and ballistics experts in the country. Mr. Sulzer will right-size a defense to meet the needs of your case, and while the outcome in every litigation is inherently uncertain, he will work tirelessly in pursuit of your objectives, whether it is a criminal acquittal, a civil victory, or a settlement acceptable to all parties.

Stephen L. Sulzer PLLC also handles disputes with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and with state regulators concerning the construction and application of federal and state firearms laws and regulations. His work includes disputes over the classification of firearms and components and the resolution of licensing and permitting issues. Mr. Sulzer has relationships with top experts on federal and state firearms regulations who can help solve regulatory problems in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

Mr. Sulzer routinely counsels clients with respect to a wide range of firearms issues, including state and federal laws and regulations concerning open and concealed carry, reciprocity issues, federal and state firearm transport laws, Second Amendment issues, restoration of firearms rights, and likely outcomes in firearms-related litigation. He is nationally-recognized for his course on the lawful use of firearms for self-defense and is available to teach and consult with clients on the subject. He is also available to consult concerning the strengths and weaknesses of insurance coverage for the defensive use of firearms. Mr. Sulzer can help you obtain the financial resources that you will need if you are ever involved in a self-defense incident.

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