The Legal Use of Firearms for Self-Defense in Virginia | Saturday, January 13, 2017

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“The absolute, without exception, must have for all firearms owners!”

This listing is for the event being held on January 13th. Visit the Events page for more details on times, location, and content by clicking here!

Part 1 of the course is presented in a 2.5-hour session with a short break in the middle. Instead of speaking in legalese, we explain in everyday terms Virginia’s boundaries between the lawful and unlawful use of firearms. The presentation is highlighted and illustrated with useful, practical examples involving real-life situations. We cover street confrontations, home invasions and the Castle Doctrine, Virginia’s stand your ground principle, and defending others. We will also cover Virginia’s legal rules relating to threat duration and proportionality of response, and Virginia’s peculiar law regarding brandishing. The latter two subjects are perhaps the most troublesome areas of Virginia self-defense law, and you need to understand them well if you rely on firearms for self-defense. We will also address whether you can still rely on prevention of an atrocious felony in Virginia to justify the use of deadly force.

Part 1 can be taken by itself, or together with Part 2, “How to Win the Legal Battle That Follows the Defensive Use of Firearms.” In Part 2, Mr. Sulzer describes the legal battle that follows on the heels of almost every self-defense use of firearms. He explains each step in the post-incident legal process and gives you a real understanding of how the system works. He teaches you how to deal with the critical time just after a self-defense use of a firearm, including 911 calls, pre-arrest interaction with the police, when and how to assert your Fifth Amendment rights, and what follows after an arrest. What you do in these circumstances will have a huge effect on how the legal system will treat you. Mr. Sulzer not only provides you with practical steps you should take, but also gives you tools you will need to (i) protect your legal rights and (ii) help you (and your counsel) extricate you from the legal system with the least amount of difficulty. Mr. Sulzer also makes clear the real magnitude of your exposure in defending against criminal and civil suits, and describes vital and surprisingly affordable ways for you to financially survive the legal process.


20 reviews for The Legal Use of Firearms for Self-Defense in Virginia | Saturday, January 13, 2017

  1. John

    Thank you for a great course yesterday. Well worth the time and money.

  2. Jerry

    Thanks. Great course. It was exactly what I was looking to take. A major part of being prepared is being informed.

  3. Erik

    Steve, that was an incredible eye opening lecture you gave today. I want to thank you for the time you spent and the genuine selfless effort you put forth for us. I could easily spend hours tapping into to the vast legal knowledge that you possess. You are a huge credit to your craft! Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again. Thank you,

  4. George

    I really appreciated your course last Saturday. I learned an awful lot and your presentation skills were outstanding and added to the benefits of the course for me. Thanks for doing this,

  5. Duane

    Great class! Very informative!

  6. Frank

    Stephen, I took your course several months ago and I thought it was outstanding.

  7. Laurence

    Steve, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the class. You really opened my eyes to many things when it comes to using a firearm for self protection. This course should be adopted into obtaining a concealed carry permit at the least. Once again thanks for the class , I hope many others will take advantage of it.

  8. Mark

    Thanks Steve. Great course. Very valuable. Look forward to taking the sister course soon.

  9. James

    The course was thorough, informative, and enjoyable.

  10. Bill

    I found the course more than worthwhile, would recommend it, and look forward to seeing additional sessions.

  11. Barry

    Mr. Sulzer, I very much enjoyed your lecture. It far exceeded my expectations.

  12. Brian

    Thank you very much for the EXCELLENT class yesterday. Well worth the cost and time! We both really enjoyed it and I have already talked it up to people I know.

  13. Bob

    The course was very informative. I feel better prepared now.

  14. Bill

    I want to thank you for presenting this informative and eye-opening course and for sending the course materials. This was one of the most interesting courses I have ever taken and your interactive presentation was anything but boring.

  15. John

    This was easily the best, most comprehensive presentation on VA gun laws I’ve ever encountered. It was interesting to me when I saw the program covering 5 hours, I thought to myself – what can he possibly do to fill the time? But it wasn’t a problem!

  16. Kurt

    It was very interesting, informative and eye opening.

  17. Vic

    Great class – very informative and important.

  18. Tony

    Best $150 spent.

  19. Bridger

    I would like to take a moment to thank you for such an excellent legal course, the importance of these vital discussions cannot be emphasized enough (knock on the table, clap of the hand, tip of the hat)!

  20. Lisa

    Thank you so much for the class; it was both informative and fascinating.

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