high capacity magazine


Mass shootings in recent years (including the targeting of school children) have incited anti-gun public outrage, which has been further whipped up by sensational media coverage and opportunistic anti-gun propaganda. Blame for these events is routinely attributed to commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms and large capacity magazines (LCMs), rather than to our country’s failed mental health system or the lunatics and criminals who perpetrate these atrocities. This has encouraged anti-gun politicians, riding this latest wave of impassioned (but misdirected) public sentiment, to enact laws banning so-called assault weapons and LCMs. To date, pro-Second Amendment legal minds have tried to defend the right to keep and bear arms based on politically correct arguments about the right of self-defense, while assiduously avoiding discussion of the main reason for adoption of the Second Amendment – to protect the people’s ability, in times of constitutional crisis, to confront the government with effective, deadly force, and thereby provide a check against government tyranny. Enabled by society’s politically correct silence and the public outrage over mass shootings, nine state legislatures, the District of Columbia, and a growing number of local jurisdictions have enacted assault weapon and/or LCM bans. Worse still, anti-gun majorities in six federal circuit courts of appeal have allowed these horrendously unconstitutional laws to stand. Precisely because no one wants to address the people’s need and right to be able to effectively confront the government with deadly force in the event the constitutional order breaks down, we are taking that issue on right here and now, regardless of how disturbing it will be to liberal, progressive, and anti-gun political sensibilities.