2018 Gun Resolution: Train Harder!

With the new year upon us, some of you are likely contemplating resolutions for 2018 to acquire new self-defense shooting skills or take some lessons or classes to further refine skills you’ve already learned.  For those of you who are considering the acquisition of a concealed carry permit, you may be looking for the best qualification Read more about 2018 Gun Resolution: Train Harder![…]

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What Is The Legal Use of Self-Defense (LOSD) Course?

The Legal Use of Self-Defense (LOSD) Course brings the law of self-defense into focus for firearms owners.  You’ll learn when the use of deadly force is legally permissible to defend yourself and others and the best way to deal with the legal system in the aftermath of a self-defense incident.  The course is supported with real world and practical examples of deadly Read more about What Is The Legal Use of Self-Defense (LOSD) Course?[…]

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