March 16, 2019


~Our Flagship Course~

When The Defensive Use of Firearms is Permissible and How To Win The Legal Battle That Will Follow


Saturday, January 11th, 2020, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Holiday Inn Chantilly-Dulles Expo – $175.00 per person.

Overflow Day If Needed to Meet Demand: Saturday, January 18th, 2020, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Holiday Inn Chantilly-Dulles Expo – $175.00 per person.


Virginia’s 2020 Gun Control Legislation – Its Legal and Practical Effects on You

Sunday, April 19th, 2020 – Fairfax Rod & Gun Club – Members Only.

Sunday, March 30th, 2020 – Fairfax Rod & Gun Club – Members Only.

We Consistently Receive Extraordinary Reviews!

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“Very thorough but digestible and well presented in an easy-to-understand way. Love the background and personal expertise.”
Washington, D.C. Course Attendee 3/30/19
“Tons of info. Thanks for also sending the PowerPoint. Gave me a lot of info to know in self-defense. Mr. Sulzer is extremely knowledgeable.”
Washington, D.C. Course Attendee 3/30/19
“Very good/interesting. Well worth the investment!”
Washington, D.C. Course Attendee 3/30/19
“Eye-opening to the legal aspects of a self defense shooting. Extremely informative and specific in Virginia law. Fantastic presentation from Steve. *Every gun carrier in the Commonwealth should take this course.* Thank you, Steve!”
Virginia Course Attendee 3/2/19
“Very realistic and professional. Steve was a very high energy, riveting speaker who made class participation comfortable and interactive.”
Virginia Course Attendee 3/2/19
“Very knowledgeable instructor, clearly dedicated and cares about the subject matter.”
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Virginia Course Attendee 3/2/19
“Very professional presentation. Very informative. Lots of great information. It’s a must if you rely on a firearm for self defense.”
Virginia Course Attendee 3/2/19
“Very well done! Sending the slides provides for great review – Thanks!”
Virginia Course Attendee 3/2/19
“Your lecture style is excellent and engaging. The explanations and instructions are cogent and practical. Your expertise is self-evident.”
Virginia Course Attendee 3/2/19
“It was outstanding and the information and presentation were excellent.”
Virginia Course Attendee 3/2/19
“Provided me with the info I came to learn. I really did not know what I did not know. Provided critical facts to move forward.”
Virginia Course Attendee 3/2/19
"Thank you so much for the class; it was both informative and fascinating."
Virginia Course Attendee
"I would like to take a moment to thank you for such an excellent legal course, the importance of these vital discussions cannot be emphasized enough (knock on the table, clap of the hand, tip of the hat)!"
Virginia Course Attendee
"Best $150 spent."
Virginia Course Attendee
"Great class – very informative and important."
Virginia Course Attendee
"It was very interesting, informative and eye opening."
Virginia Course Attendee
"This was easily the best, most comprehensive presentation on VA gun laws I’ve ever encountered. It was interesting to me when I saw the program covering 5 hours, I thought to myself – what can he possibly do to fill the time? But it wasn’t a problem!"
Virginia Course Attendee
"I want to thank you for presenting this informative and eye-opening course and for sending the course materials. This was one of the most interesting courses I have ever taken and your interactive presentation was anything but boring."
Virginia Course Attendee
"The course was very informative. I feel better prepared now."
Virginia Course Attendee
"Thank you very much for the EXCELLENT class yesterday. Well worth the cost and time! We both really enjoyed it and I have already talked it up to people I know."
Virginia Course Attendee
"Mr. Sulzer, I very much enjoyed your lecture. It far exceeded my expectations."
Virginia Course Attendee
"I found the course more than worthwhile, would recommend it, and look forward to seeing additional sessions."
Virginia Course Attendee
"The course was thorough, informative, and enjoyable."
Virginia Course Attendee
"Thanks Steve. Great course. Very valuable. Look forward to taking the sister course soon."
Virginia Course Attendee
"Steve, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the class. You really opened my eyes to many things when it comes to using a firearm for self protection. This course should be adopted into obtaining a concealed carry permit at the least. Once again thanks for the class , I hope many others will take advantage of it."
Virginia Course Attendee
"Stephen, I took your course several months ago and I thought it was outstanding."
Virginia Course Attendee
"Great class! Very informative!"
Virginia Course Attendee
"I really appreciated your course last Saturday. I learned an awful lot and your presentation skills were outstanding and added to the benefits of the course for me. Thanks for doing this."
Virginia Course Attendee
"Steve, that was an incredible eye opening lecture you gave today. I want to thank you for the time you spent and the genuine selfless effort you put forth for us. I could easily spend hours tapping into to the vast legal knowledge that you possess. You are a huge credit to your craft! Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again. Thank you."
Virginia Course Attendee
"Thanks. Great course. It was exactly what I was looking to take. A major part of being prepared is being informed."
Virginia Course Attendee

Course Description

This Course Teaches:

Virginia’s legal limits on the use of deadly force in self-defense situations, with a particular focus on the use of firearms.  It will give you a working knowledge of the legal boundaries between a justifiable use of firearms in self-defense and an incident that will expose you to criminal prosecution and civil damages liability.  If you live or work in Virginia and rely on firearms for self-defense, this course will give you a practical set of guidelines and steps you can take to maximize your chances of winning (and financially surviving) the legal battle that inevitably follows a self-defense shooting.

Important Principles You Need to Know and Apply to
Stay Legal in a Deadly Force Confrontation

In Part I of the course, we explain in everyday terms Virginia’s boundaries between the lawful and unlawful defensive use of firearms.  Our presentation is highlighted and illustrated with useful, practical examples involving real-life situations.  We cover street confrontations, home invasions and the Castle Doctrine, Virginia’s stand your ground principle, and defending others.  We will also cover Virginia’s legal rules relating to threat duration and proportionality of response, and Virginia’s troublesome law regarding brandishing.  We also address whether you can still rely on prevention of an atrocious felony in Virginia to justify the use of deadly force.  We will provide you with a real-world understanding of the rules you need to know to maximize your chances of staying legal in responding to a deadly force attack.

Vital Information Needed to Deal With the Legal System
in the Immediate Aftermath of a Self-Defense Incident

In Part II, we describe the legal battle that follows on the heels of almost every self-defense use of firearms.  We explain each step in the post-confrontation legal process and give you a real understanding of how the system works.  We teach you how to deal with the critical time just after a self-defense incident, including:

  • 911 calls
  • Pre-arrest interaction with the police
  • When and how to assert your Fifth Amendment rights
  • What follows after an arrest

What you do in these circumstances will have a huge effect on how the legal system will treat you.  The course provides you with practical steps you should take and tools you will need to (i) protect your legal rights and (ii) help you (and your counsel) extricate you from the legal system with the least amount of difficulty.

Part II also discloses the real magnitude of your exposure in defending against criminal and civil suits, and provides detailed information about the various kinds of affordable, cost-effective insurance coverage that are available to help you financially survive a protracted legal battle.  This information is not only up-to-date, but readily understandable and reliable.

Our Students Tell Us That the Course
Is Worth Your Time and Expense

The course is presented in a seven-hour session that includes short restroom breaks and a break for lunch.  It has been taught for four years in northern Virginia and has consistently received enthusiastic reviews from the Virginia shooting community for both its content and its straight forward, engaging presentation style.  It has become the gold standard for those who carry or rely on firearms for home security and self-defense.

Instructor Bio


Attorney at Law

CEO and Faculty Chairman
The National Firearms Law Institute

This course was created and is taught by Stephen L. Sulzer, a highly-respected attorney with special expertise in the law of self-defense in Virginia. He is also an NRA-certified pistol instructor, has held a Virginia concealed carry permit for more than 20 years, and has ten years of competitive shooting experience. Mr. Sulzer has been practicing law in Washington, D.C., for more than 38 years, and has been a partner at some of the city’s most prominent national law firms, including Steptoe & Johnson and California-based Manatt, Phelps & Phillips.  In fall 2013, Mr. Sulzer broke away from Big Law to found his own law firm, and after much planning and preparation, expanded his practice to encompass firearms-related matters. He is particularly focused on criminal and civil defense work for clients who have had to use firearms in self-defense.  He has also expanded into matters involving federal and state firearms regulation, as well as Second Amendment-based litigation. Mr. Sulzer has an AV Preeminent Peer and Judicial Rating from Martindale Hubbell, the highest rating given by Martindale Hubbell for legal skills and professional ethics.  Mr. Sulzer is also pleased to have been selected as a referral attorney for both the United States Concealed Carry Association and the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

In 2015, Mr. Sulzer noticed there was an unfilled need in Virginia for a plain-spoken explanation of the law regarding the defensive use of firearms. He responded by developing his two-part training course entitled “The Legal Use of Firearms for Self-Defense – When the Defensive Use of Firearms Is Permissible and How to Win the Legal Battle That Will Follow.”  For the past four years, Mr. Sulzer has taught the course regularly at the Nation’s Gun Show in Chantilly (through Historic Arms Corp.’s Firearms Training Store); at Silver Eagle Group in Ashburn; at Fairfax Rod & Gun Club in Manassas; and at The Gun Dude in Falls Church. His entertaining and engaging style and high quality course content consistently receive enthusiastic reviews from the northern Virginia shooting community and the course has become the gold standard for those who carry concealed or rely on firearms for home security and self-defense.  

Mr. Sulzer has been active in the shooting sports dating back to the mid-1990s, when he began shooting service rifles in competition against the Marine Corps Rifle Teams and the Army Marksmanship Unit.  He began his competitive shooting career with the M1A and transitioned to the AR-15 in 2000. He competed in three position “across the course” iron sight matches at distances of 200, 300, and 600 yards, and has also competed at 1,000 yards.  He still shoots handguns (particularly M-1911s) avidly, has held a Virginia Concealed Carry Permit for more than 20 years, and is an NRA-certified pistol instructor.

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